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    Hello Gensmo,

    I leveled my tailor to 113 doing carpets. All i had to do is find some cursed items and equip them. By far I think is the best option.

    After that, at 110, move to banners and switch cursed items. For example, I have a -5 hat and a -3 bracelet.

    I can lend you the -5 hat, so you can go back to 90 and level your tailor until 100 (doing carpets is quite easy). With this you’ll be at 105, after that u can equip a master item to reach 110 and do banners until 115, then unequip the master and go on until you reach again 115, then, equip de curser -5 and go back again to 115, you’ll be at 120 tailor.

    At 120 you can move to leather and give me back the cursed 🙂

    Contact me in game if you want.