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      These macro options in EasyUO doesn’t seem work. As said before even if we allow certain macro programs doesn’t mean we offer any support for them as in scripting to make certain features work for these programs.

      There is however ways to make macros that would work like those event macros if you have enough knowledge about EasyUO. Here is an example for bandage self:

      findItem ZLF C_ ;This searches for a bandage in your backpack
      set #LOBJECTID #FINDID ;This sets the bandage to be your last object
      event macro 17 0 ;This uses the last object
      target 3s ;This waits for a target, max wait 3 seconds
      event macro 23 0 ;This targets yourself
      wait 5s ;This waits 5 seconds, depends on your needs

      You can also use stuff like this:

      if #hits <= 40 ;Checks if HP is equal or lower then 40 else does nothing

      ;Code inside here will execute incase life is equal or lower then 40


      This website has alot of information if you want to learn how to use EasyUO as a macro tool.

      Hope this helps some of you guys, good luck with your macroing!