Rule change

Ghosting rules have changed. The rules are now as followed:

What does “Ghosting” mean? It basically means that placing a stationary character in front or inside a dungeon or other points of interest(only NPC related points of interest) to observe when someone is entering a place such as a dungeon is now illegal.
By doing this you will be able to easily avoid confrontation with other players by abusing a second character as a dummy. Anyone caught doing this will receive punishment. Scouting with a geared character that you actually play with is totally fine.
– Standing with a ghost inside a dungeon doing nothing.
– You can hide in front of a dungeon entrance. As long as you’re active it’s fine.
– Standing in front of a player house as a ghost or naked character.
– Running around as a ghost inside a dungeon.

In short using your character as a camera is forbidden.