Rules Update: Ghosting (Detailed)

The rules regarding ghosting have changed. Staff will make the ultimate decision on when someone is ghosting. If you suspect someone is ghosting please page.

What does “Ghosting” mean? It basically means that placing a stationary character in front or inside a dungeon or other points of interest(only NPC related points of interest) to observe when someone is entering a place such as a dungeon is now illegal.
By doing this you will be able to easily avoid confrontation with other players by abusing a second character as a dummy. Anyone caught doing this will receive punishment. Scouting with a geared character that you actually play with is totally fine.
– Using a spec thief which is fully geared and hiding in a corner of a dungeon is NOT allowed.
– Standing with a ghost inside a dungeon doing nothing.
– Standing in front of a player house as a ghost or naked character.
– Running around as a ghost inside a dungeon.

In short using your character as a camera is forbidden.