Scheduled maintenance 03-04-20 at 7:00pm server time

Our development team is picking up the pace again. We will be doing shard maintenance this Friday.

Change-log: Developer Bran

PVM Changes

  • Champion spawns now respawn randomly any time between 5-7 days. Respawn time will be broadcasted prior to respawn.
  • Bosses have one elemental protection at 120%, the others are at 20%.
  • Super Bosses have one elemental protection at 120%, the others are at 40%.

Class Changes

  • Warrior class bonus to healing slightly reduced by 1/6.
  • Warrior class penalty of increased magic damage taken reduced by 1/6.
  • Mage class penalty of increased physical damage taken reduced by 1/6.

Item Changes

  • Staves are now 2 tiles.

Change-log: Developer Dreams

  • Horses should now resurrect with the correct colors.
  • Fixed a compilation error.
  • You can now make over 60k stacks of bandages at once.
  • When cutting cloth to bandages with scissors it should no longer make the cloth just disappear. If you don’t have enough space it will put the created bandages on the ground.
  • Player-merchants will no longer try to hand you gold if you don’t have space for it.
  • Saves should now be every 60 minutes.
  • Wall sconces are now sell-able.
  • Admins can now change spawnpoints.
  • Writing desks are now lockable, however it will still not open like a container because that would require client updates.
  • You can no longer entwine an item that is already entwined.
  • Bug that would allow you to increase your cap over 150 fixed.
  • You should no longer gain any skill from using your classe weapons.
  • House teleporters will now only work for friends/co-owners/owners.
  • You can no longer place beehives in towns/safe zones/no pk zones or too close to each other.
  • Gaia’s wrath on weapon/armor pieces should now work correctly.
  • Earthquake is now castable while running.
  • Deaths in PvP arena now have more checks to make sure all items gets returned correctly.
  • Fixed a NPC cmd to make it easier for staff to host events.
  • Bowcraft will now name exceptional bows correctly.
  • Added more restrictions on where you can plant seeds and trees.