Scheduled Maintenance 03-07-20 7:00-7:30pm

We will be doing some maintenance and applying our latest patch.


– Head Admin Grark decided to step down.
– Admin Amroth promoted to Head Admin.

– Cleaned up and optimized a lot of Color Wars code.
– Fixed cannons.
– Fixed a bug where the vanity vendor wasn’t snoopable.
– Fixed a bug with spawn-points and custom NPC’s.
– Fixed a slayer script generation for weapons bug.
– Fixed a few loot generation bugs. Loot will be a bit more varied now.
– Fixed an issue where Holy bless would stack with Earth Bless.
– Fixed paralyze icons stuck for Astral Storm and Wraiths Breath.
– Fixed an issue with Hunting Powerhour.
– Fixed an bug where casting weapons would cast every time while you double casted with scrolls.

– Personal Powerhour should now reset every Monday.
– Boost messages show minute fractions.

User interface:
– Added Meditation buff icon while meditating.

– Mages receive 20% more physical damage.

– Melee damage increased by 40%.

– Melee damage increased by 25%.

– Melee damage increased by 35%.

– Improved Songs target selection and validation.
– Added Book of Verses (new single target songs).