[CANCELED] Scheduled maintenance 10-04-20 at 7:00pm server time

We will be doing shard maintenance this Friday. Due to a server crash I have decided to add the fixes now. The crash will be looked into and will probably cause an unscheduled reboot to apply a hotfix later this week.

Changelog: Developer Dreams
– Destards teleporters from lvl 2 to lvl 1 should no longer throw you in the air.
– Orc masks can now be bought as guild clothing.
– .ph command now shows the time left until next powerhour if no powerhour is currently active, otherwise if one is active it will tell you which kind is active.
– Added more commands to help events.
– Fixed various error messages.

Changelog: Developer Degtor
– Fix so Rangers now can equip Coroner items.
– Tweak to staves speed.