Scheduled Maintenance 14-04-20 8pm-9pm

As mentioned in the announcement channel. We are getting a new server. This means I will have to set it up on Tuesday and move all the stuff over. I will try to do this as fast as possible and hopefully keep the downtime to a minimum.

While we’re at it we will also do some changes.

Change-log: Developer Dreams

  • Fixed an issue with multi casting monsters not hitting anything with their spells.
  • Fixed various debug messages.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters/npcs who should have died didn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where bosses would not have full health after a restart.
  • Added an blocker to allow the shard to load properly before letting players logon for the first 5 minutes.
  • Fixed some issues with color war system.
  • Changed the reward of the color war system.
  • It’s now possible to cut 60k stacks of fish without loosing any fish steaks, if you are too heavy to carry it will drop the steaks on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug with rangers calculations of percentages for spec.