Scheduled Maintenance 20-06-20 1pm-2pm

We will be doing a bit of maintenance on the server and apply our latest patch that brings a lot of changes, as with all changes they are expected to cause issues. We have tested it as much as possible but additional fine-tuning is to be expected. Don’t hesitate to supply us with your detailed suggestions and feedback. 

Expected downtime is 1 hour.

New Systems:
– Rewritten physical combat system. 
– Added the Vanity Shop.
– Added Event Token distribution system.
– Reactivated Color Wars. 
– Unstitching (smelting for hides).
– Personal Power Hour system.


– Vanity shop added. Use the vanity vendor in Ocllo to access it (south of the bank).
– QuestToken Distribution system has been added. This creates a lottery per Quest NPC which players will automatically enter when they deal enough damage to the NPC.
– Added Color Wars system again. Needs more testing to see if it works properly now. Prizes will be vanity tokens.
– Rewritten the combat system. Code has been optimized but will need to be fine-tuned.
– Fixed a bug with Armor absorption which hasn’t been working for a decade due to a bug with casting-armors. It would only calculate armor when you wore armor with an onhitscript.
– You can now use the command .setph to activate your own personal weekly powerhour.
– Fixed a bug with AoE not affecting NPC’s in NO-PK areas.
– Killing Guild Mates will no longer reduce Karma.
– Identify bag skill and INT requirement lowered from 110 to 100.
– Mage tourneybag now includes a proper identifed staff.
– PP tourneybag received some extra PP related items.
– Fixed an issue where flipped lockables were showing an incorrect difficulty rating.

– Fixed a bug where spellcasting in certain situations would get stuck.
– When you have Earth Blessing on you, you are no longer affected by the Curse(Circle 4) spell.
– Seraphim’s Will and Angelic Aura now affect creatures under your control.
– Balanced Astral Storm and Wraith’s Breath, both now take into account protections and skills to reduce your frozen time.
– Fixed a bug with buffs where the target was already under influence.
– Fixed an issue with Spellbind not working on some monsters. (Bosses are still immune).
– You can now use targeted beneficial spells in noPK areas again.

– Shady Merchant has departed.
– Added lesser bosses (Can be found in the newbie dungeons).
– Balanced armor rating on NPC’s to compensate for the new changes in the combat system.
– Undead mare is now considered undead (was daemon before).
– Bosses will now be ejected if they enter player homes.
– Adjusted skinning for a couple bosses and added champions skinning.
– Increase loot amount for bosses and super bosses slightly.
– Fixed the Random name bug on Warrior for Hire.
– Reduced Mage Hunter ability to detect hidden.
– Fixed a bug where you could stable NPC’s that were controlled with the Control Undead spell.
– Legendary Hunter physical protection has been reduced from LVL 6 to 5.

– Added Omega Tokens to loottable.
– Fixed Earth Blessing stacking with Nagash’s Staff of Sorcery boost.
– Added Fireworks to Provisioner.
– Writing Desk now opens a container.
– Added Navar’s GM item.
– Warrior for Hire heart no longer gives a target cursor. Drag and drop the Heart on a High Priest to resurrect him. It can only be done 3 times.
– Added Rebirth Potion (Check alchemist book for ingredients). It allows you to res your own pets, a player or remove a resurrection counter from a Warrior For Hire heart.
– Nagash’s Staff of Sorcery now has a cooldown timer that shows how much time until it can be used again.
– Deadly Sure Strike Shurikens now has a cooldown timer that shows how much time until it can be used again.
– Increased loot chance on finding Resurrect and Eartquake scrolls. (lesser bosses also have a chance to drop these).
– Removed all Assassin weapons again. These weren’t meant to be in the game in this form.

– Lowered the requirements for the Protections gump to 120 (boss) and 130 (superboss) when using Evaluating Intelligence.
– Totems now inherit stats from their master.
– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).
– Elemental Fury damage has been reduced by 20%.

– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).

– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).
– Song of Fright has been disabled due to causing tons of debug logging. (It’s the reason why the shard has been lagging). Logfile was almost 100 GB.

– Unstitching kit has been added to the tailor NPC. This will only work on newly crafted leather items. It will break down the material and give back some hides (similar to smelting).
– Reduced the crafting time by 2 seconds for Spec crafters with Carpentry, Bowcraft/Fletching, Blacksmithing and Tinkering.

Combat was bugged. There was an issue where Armor(AR) would only be calculated if you were wearing an armor piece with a “cast on hit” modifier on it.
This severe bug has been in the scripts since ZHP/ZHFantasia(POL095).
This lead us to completely debug the combat system (to find out what else is broken) and we came to the conclusion that it needed a complete rewrite.
Both Wintermute and myself have spent a great deal of time redesigning it from scratch.
This means that it’s now at a point where we feel that it’s ready for you guys to try it out. As with all new things there’s always a chance that things don’t work out the way they should.
Feel free to report any issues and we will sort them out if need be. We hope you will enjoy the new combat system as it makes it a bit more challenging and hopefully more rewarding.

So, what has changed in the new combat system?
– Made DEX and STR influence ranged damage, the latter counts twice as much since DEX already increases attack speed.
– Made STR influence melee damage.
– Thieves get skill bonus for ranged and Fencing weapons.
– Redesigned the Parry system where you will not automatically Parry (it was a 100% chance before).
– Because AR is now working on bosses they will be a bit tougher as well. Therefore loot has been slightly increased.
– Some creatures with ranged attack had their DEX reduced to account for the higher attack speed.