Scheduled Maintenance 21-06-20 10:00-10:15am

We will be applying some hot-fixes. Shard downtime will be 15 minutes.


– Vanity Vendor can now serve multiple customers at the same time.
– Adjusted Vanity shop prices.
– Fixed a bug where Warrior, Thief and PP were doing too much damage with ranged attacks.
– Fixed a bug that was causing mobiles to attack twice at half speed but doing double single hit damage.

– Reduced Tactics on Blama from 200 to 180.
– Reduced Tactics on Spectre from 200 to 70 and Swordsmanship from 175 to 75.
– Reduced Tactics on Troll Lord from 130 to 100 and Mace Fighting from 150 to 110.
– Reduced Tactics on Troll General from 150 to 110 and Mace Fighting from 150 to 100.
– Reducsed Tactics and Mace Fighting on low ranked Trolls.