Scheduled Maintenance 22-05-20 7pm-9pm

WARNING: You must download our new patch to get the new content.

We will be applying another balance patch tomorrow. The expected time needed to apply this patch will be around 2 hours.

– Applying (weapon)poison on targets will only work if the target is within 14 tiles.
– Evaluating Intelligence now works on Bosses and should show the proper gump.
– Item Identification now only works on magical items.
– Item Identification skillgain has increased by 25%.
– Rewrote Elemental Fury script. It should no longer stack damage.
– The “My character is physically stuck.” feature delay has been increased from 1 to 10 minutes.
– You can now plant seeds (not trees) inside dirt tiles if the dirt is inside your home. (some new houses have herb gardens inside).
– Dungeons are no longer recallable. You will either have to go back or if it’s a multi-leveled dungeon head to the end of the dungeon where an exit gate is placed.
– Magic fish and Bandages are now on the same delay timer. Magic fish = 20 seconds and bandages are 5 seconds. This means you can spam bandages but not both.
Example: Using a magic fish will make you wait 20 seconds before using a bandage or fish again.
Using a bandage will give you a delay for 5 seconds before you can decide to use another bandage or use a magic fish.

– Attack distance has been increased from 10 to 14 tiles before incurring a damage penalty.
– Rangers will now do full damage within 1 tile from defender (you will not shoot if you are on top of the defender).
– Resurrected animals by using Veterinary will no longer give karma and fame upon killing them again.

– Poison damage vs players has been slightly lowered.
– Attack distance has been increased from 10 to 14 tiles before incurring a damage penalty.
– Stolen items can now be stacked with non-stolen items.
– Physical damage has been reworked.
– Can now cure themselves by using laced bandages.
– Thief can no longer heal themselves using poisoned bandages.

– Warriors will receive slighly more damage physical at lvl 5 and 6.
– Warriors receive 20% less spell damage.
– Warriors receive a slight reduction to curses being cast upon them.
– Warriors no longer have 100% parry chance. Max is 93% at lvl 6.

– Reduced the amount of damage prevented when successfully parrying a ranged attack.
– Parry chance has been reworked.
– Class bonus: Powerplayers will gain an increased skill gain starting from lvl 3 = 10%, lvl4 = 20%, lvl 5 = 30%.

– Mage receives 20% less physical damage.
– Mage physical damage has been reworked.

– Bosses and Superbosses deal 20% less physical damage.
– Termuligin, Succubus, Wraith Lord and Dragon Lord will do less spell damage now.
– NPC’s no longer have a magic resistance skill. The higher level NPC’s will have protections instead.
– Removed normal reagents and scrolls from Boss and Superboss loot.
– Wanderer of the Void is now hostile.
– Umbral Flicker is now hostile.
– All spellcasting NPC’s should now properly show words of power.

– Protection items have been altered as follows: lvl1=25%, lvl2=35%, lvl3=50%, lvl4=75%, lvl5=/85% and lvl6=95%.
– (GM)Armor’s that give 75% protection will now give 50%.
– Elemental armors now give 50% protection to their respective element.
– Fixed blue and green tents not showing lockdowns/secures and menu’s.
– Added 17 new custom houses.
– Earth, Necro, Holy scrolls now have different item-ids.
– Changed Vampiric weapon modifer, it now drains a static amount of mana that scales with the weapon damage modifier.

– Teleport range check has been removed.
– Boosts have been increased slightly.
– Lowered Curse amount by half. Lowered Mass Curse by 1.5. Mass Curse is now more effective than Curse.
– Mass Dispel now needs to target a PC/NPC.
– Spellcasting ranged weapons no longer cast spells on hit after a range of 14 tiles. It will still do 1/4th physical damage.

– Non-RPers can no longer loot RPers.
– RPers will now leave behind a red corpse to indicate that it’s an RPer.
– Randorin now has fishable water.

– .move command gump has been renewed.

New stackables:
– Raw Reagents such as cotton, mandrake, ginseng, nightshade, hops, garlic etc.
– Totems
– Transcendance scrolls.
– Omega Tokens (for the upcoming vanity shop).

– Algaran has been promoted to developer.

 Click the image below to see the new houses!