Scheduled Maintenance 26-06-20 7:00-7:30pm

We will be doing maintenance to apply some necessary fixes to combat and skill-gain. Downtime should be within 30 minutes.


– Fixed Nujelm renaming exploit.
– Fixed weapon, parry and tactics skill-gains.
– .online command now shows how long ago the player started playing instead of the amount of time played.
– Unstitching will no longer unstitch old items and give iron ingots. It will now terminate properly.

– Reduced all Physical PvP damage by 30% and additionally reduced Archery damage by 30% for all classes.
– Lower strength poison will no longer overwrite higher level ones.
– Applied some fixes regarding cleanup and NPC’s to Color Wars.
– Shady Merchant is now roaming the wilderness again.

– Bards can use ranged weapons again.
– Song of Fright is now enabled again.

– Vanity Shop vendor snooping/stealing is set at 140 skill difficulty to bridge the gap between Thief(130) and Shady Merchant(150).

– Added a hitscript to blacksmith hammer.

– Added a page for the vanity shop to the info-vault.

Additional Notes:
– The new combat system continues to be improved every patch. Feel free to keep submitting your feedback.