Unscheduled maintenance 2/6-2019

Sorry for the long wait guys, I havn’t been home for quite some time now and when I finaly got home I had a ton of other stuff that had to be done before I could get back to scripting again.

Hope you understand, enjoy the updates.

Shard is now up again.

Update list:

You can no longer place boats from inside a house/boat. 
You can no longer hit players in safe zones with song of sirens. 
Buffs/Debuffs should no longer bug out on players nor NPCs. 
Buffs/Debuffs should now show correct values in the messages. 
PvP Arena: 
You can now bet gold when PvPing in the PvP arena. 
Disabled some features for Orion client. 
Added some special characters for guild abbreviations. 
Fixed a bug that would allow you to .cast multiple spells/songs at the same time.