Unscheduled maintenance 3/3-19 22:15 CET

Shard is now up again!

Update list:

Meteor Swarm will no longer hit the caster if standing too close to the target.

Fixed a bug that would allow you to place stuff outside your home as a yard.
You can now double-click house signs from inside the house.

Added a GM Shepherd’s Crook, more info found in the vault.

Added some changes to login system to tell you whats wrong when not being able to connect.

Added .ph to show you what power hour that is currently active.

Champion spawn:
Rikktor will no longer instantly die.

Promoted Amroth to Seer.
Added more staff security stuff.

Added Shady Merchant to Snooping and Stealing.
Added .ph to commands list.
Added that mages can use quarter, black and gnarled staffs for free.
Added GM Shepherd’s Crook info.