Unscheduled maintenance 8/6-2019

Hi guys, yet another unscheduled maintenance i’m afraid. It’s not because something unexpected happen rather then i’m not sure when i have the time to add updates so it’s hard to schedule the downtime, sorry for that!

Shard is now online!

To get rid of some items in the world and create a smoother experience for us all we decided to add a new event that is ongoing all the time. The event is to trash as many items as possible, items that can stack won’t count. You can throw the trash in any trashcan in the world and check your progress with .trashlb .

The first round will be about one week long and end 16/6-2019 around 20:00 CET, staff will then clear the leaderboard and hand out rewards to the best cleaners!

The event will start over directly when the leaderboard is cleared and you can all try to reach the top again. The next end dates can be whenever, so try to stay on top!

Update list:

Boats can no longer be placed from inside houses/boats for real.

Fixed a bug with the new boost system that made steel clothing not give armor.
Spells should now correctly have the right circles.

Monster that are spec thief will now bypass poison protection.
Spiderlord has been updated with new features.

Added .trashlb (Will bring up the trash event leaderboard).

Added .trashlb to the command list.

Starting gold changed to 100.

Reworked GM privs, set up more security etc.
Promoted Cinnamon to GM.