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    They have higher risk of failing the higher your cap is, at 130 it’s not too bad, but I have failed a couple on my crafter still. At 135 I’ve only used 1 tome and failed, dunno how the chances are from there.

    5 successful tomes is nice, especially if several was for the same skill. Idk, granted I don’t hunt much right now, but when I’ve put in hours and hours during a day to clear most bosses over and over to end up with 0 tomes it’s just been disheartening.

    “you don’t hunt enough” can be said regardless of what the feedback on the loot level is, but is still a valid opinion ofc. If I take the amount of loot we have hauled in and put the number of tomes it sounds like you guys find in relation to us it must mean you have killed a ridiculous amount of bosses. In my opinion that’s still a bit low rate. But if no one else has any problems with it I guess it makes sense, cannot satisfy everyone simultaneously 🙂