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    I hear you.
    The thing is, if you’re a “self found” player or not interested in running multiple accounts, joining a guild, you hit a wall very early on.

    You start of with no armor and very little gold, not enough to buy a weapon, shield or protection. There’s no Brit GY for you to farm gold to earn enough to buy gear. If you leave town, you get killed almost instantly.
    I guess you could go through the donation chest in hopes to get something, but without friends or knowing anyone, you’re not going anywhere.

    Not sure what the solution of this would be other then maybe starting of players with at least armor/bow/weapon and arrows etc. with some newbie zone where you can farm. Maybe if the difficulty of the mobs in Brit is lowered so you can fight them wearing store bought gear.

    Bods use to help with this, even tho I hated it. Nothing fun about “collect x items and return” quests.

    Some servers I’ve played on in the past had a sparring pen, where you could either spar with other players or dummies safely.

    I’m actually pretty curious if anyone can do a self found run as a warrior.