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    I’m sure a self found run as a warrior is possible but it will be hard, time consuming and kinda boring. A warrior that wants to run that game can probably get low end items and gold selling hides to crafters that have coin and want to train tailoring faster. a good start there is ratmen in Minoc and lizardmen are in the swamps you can move on to liches and drags from there. Kill all the animals in the world and NPC the hides until your strong enough to get the rat n lizard hides. Fair warning though, there’s not much of a player economy here and the NPCs don’t pay well. Keep in mind that end game in this shard so far is likely making pretty places and armor as a crafter or hunting to get the best items and tomes to kill more mobs or other players. The newbie dungeon or spar pit is a legit suggestion, might want to state it in a new thread to make sure it’s seen.