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    This is a compliacted topic though, many of the players now days join only to PVP.

    I’w always been a fan of dual map shards where Trammel is the non-pvp map with a bit lower loot and lower resources from mining LJing and Felucca was the pvp-enabled map with higher resource gain and better loot for a more risk/reward kind of setup.

    But to disable PVP would probably lose more players than the pvp itself would scare of.

    Oh and about the pvp imbalance i kinda agree, rangers seems to grow stronger and stronger for each shard, probably ‘cus there will always be someone to get a bit more dex than last time and midmax the gear a bit more.

    But belive it or not, it’s not as easy for a ranger to kill a well geared warrior though.
    But imo here is the problem, atm only warrior and ranger seems to be viable for anything…
    i havnt see bards in action though, but compared to ranger/warrior dmg PVM i doubt they are on pair balance wise.

    This rift between classes is something that has grown for a long time, drifting a bit for each shard, and while classes gets buffs to get a slight bump to the top, PPs are left behind to rot, with no classe bonuses there is nothing a PP can do to a ranger with 500+ dex, when a PP does 50 dmg with a bow, a ranger will do 120ish, when a PP takes said 120 dmg from a ranger, a warrior will negate most of it.

    I know someone that might get pissed at me for saying this but… i play a Ranger and i’w played Ranger many times on basicly all shards i’w played up until now, and they really do need a nerf.. ‘cus honestly, people dont stay in towns/houses ‘cus they hate PVP, they are scared of the 2 top geared rangers in the .online list.

    But keep in mind, the imbalance now, compared the back in the days is 10% code and 90% the fact that people know the concept of MMO way beter now.

    Anyway, the gold sink would probably be a good idea, and keeping it to cosmetics is a fun idea 🙂 but i dont know of any shards where gold was worth anything after you had the house you needed to sparr/macro in.
    only shard i played that had a better economy was sanctuary based ‘cus gaining skill costs money on those.

    Enough of my ranting, i just think it’s sad when people actually leav ‘cus they get killed.