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    Hey Kieeps

    I agree with the power-player situation. Got mine ‘classed’ and abandoned him, only using him for ID’ing and Alchemy. I’ve heard from various sources that they might implement a PP class in the future. Whether its true or not, I’m not sure.

    Regarding PVP, I’ve had almost a hand full of players leave because of PVP. Also having a hard time to convince my old UO buddies to join because PVP shards generally have a bad reputation for stagnating instead of growing while also getting bottle-necked/dominated by well geared players who started earlier.
    When someone PK’s another player, I don’t think “Wow he must be skillful”, I think “lucky he got the first hit in”.

    Regarding rangers, one shard I played on handled rangers pretty well.
    What they did is they had dmg reduction based on range. This was so that rangers don’t offscreen kill everything or run-snipe/360-no-scope players in PVP.
    There was also something along the lines of Xbows doing more dmg and further range and less at closer, visa versa for normal bows… but I can’t be 100% sure how that worked.
    Also because at the moment the skill base for rangers is non-existent, ie you can basically afk-kill most anything on screen and clear dungeons in minutes, an interesting mechanic would be “bow swapping”. So if you come across as stone creature (stone dragon, stone harpy etc.) you would have to swap your bow to a Bow of Piercing. If you come across a buffed creature, you would have to swap your bow to something like a blackrock bow to debuff said creature and so fourth.
    I moved over to ranger myself because of their sheer dominance and I never had to change my bow or gear around for different situations. It became extremely boring.