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    I can agree on some Points on this but i disagree on a lot aswell.
    The thing with “whoever hits first” is kind of BS.
    Rangers vs warriors, warriors still got an overhand if u know how to play good pvp.

    For me pp always been bad at ZH, if u dont got like a good castweapon and some good mods.

    The pvp ive tried its really hard to kill warriors, they withstand alot of damage overall and are hard to kill even tho they are dispelled and so on.

    Ranger vs ranger is a different chapter, rangers die EASILY as hell here compared what ive seen before tbh. But its not about who shots first, its about who doesnt panic and knows how to pvp.
    The reason u feel pvp is unbalanced is due to the fact that some of us learned how to pvp properly and some of the guys got no clue how to pvp really.

    But to say that only ranger works in hunting is wrong and it kinda shows that u are not certain of the mechanics of the game.