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    “some of us learned how to pvp properly and some of the guys got no clue how to pvp really.”
    Maybe you can educate us then.
    On your ranger, what skills did you use? Whats your rotation? How do you micromanage your stamina?
    Against warriors, do you hotswap between Bow and Yumi to use paralyzing blow in conjunction with armour piercing?
    Against rangers, you’d prolly need to use concussion blow alongside moving shot (so you can evade).
    As far as I know, here we don’t have the above in depth mechanics that allow for competitive PVP’ing.

    Surely you don’t consider buffing and macro-targeting/attacking as “good pvping”?

    If so, here’s a pro tip everyone.

    Write a simple auto-target-and-attack-closest-player macro and have it run in the background whenever you leave town. Then set your ingame screen resolution as high as possible, this is so that the targetting have even further reach. EasUO is the best for this.

    If you can throw an auto cast spell/potion/buff on yourself before the targeting triggers, even better.
    I was testing out the above and works like a charm. Done. Enjoy being pro.

    I am not 100% against pvp’ing, as broken as it is, I enjoy it and I like the ever-looming fear. I’m just advocating for an option to players. Or have pvp zones.
    Maybe even expand the arena to introduce “pink slips”.
    Personally prefer a full active server/world over a small pvp one.