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    Damage scales way more in ZH scripts than damage mitigation or HP. Only thing that comes close is a warrior with a lot of strength mods, which I think can take quite a beating in pvp in similarly-buffed scenarios.

    Three major things influence this balance:
    1. Buffs. Don’t expect to stand a chance in pvp against someone with decent buffs if you eat magic fishes or get regular buffs from your level 3 mage friend.
    2. Class level. At least for warriors and rangers which I think are kind of in a league of their own in pvp, be spec5 or work on getting there.
    3. Items. About as important as the other two points combined and then some. Things that are going to pretty much decide the outcome of the fight before you even engage include stat mods, high enough melee prot, whether you have blackrock, are immune to poison or can inflict poison.

    Seeing as newcomers will have a huge disadvantage in all 3 categories, or at least 2, they will die in 1-2 hits from most veterans. So I would argue it’s not about who hits first, but about if the player with large enough advantage hits you at all 🙂

    Anyway, I think a way to ease new people into the world somehow would be a great addition, but as for how to do it I’m at a loss. Perhaps Felucca/Trammel split would work nice. Only spawn lesser bosses in the non-pvp world and set the loot a bit lower.

    I also think some upper challenges for veterans pvm would be nice. Right now the hardest mobs drop the same stuff as all other world bosses, they just take a lot more time. Blue Slaads might be the hardest mobs and they are much more efficient to kill as a group that to solo, but they don’t drop anything special so mostly it’s just a waste of time. I always thought lv6 tmaps would have the potential to be worth doing “end-game” but currently they aren’t worth it either afaik.