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    Hey lonewolf

    Yeah, I’ve personally tried wrapping my head around this situation a lot. I don’t think there’s a quick and easy fix.
    However, I am super keen on the Felucca/Trammel split idea, or something a long those lines.

    Getting new people in and having them stay should be primary focus. If players can safely hunt, mine, traverse the land, and just basically enjoy the game, the more time they’ll invest. The more time they’ve invested in a character, the less likeliness they’ll leave/rage-quit.

    For those who are deep in the endgame and bored, can then venture to the PVP zone and go wreck each other. Besides, when you’re at that point, you’ll have your backup-set and your back-up-back-up-set etc. What I mean is, by then you’ll have more gear than to know what to do with it.

    When I’m skill/gear capped I’d dual other similar players, winner gets all… losing wasn’t that bad at all, because then I had something to do again. I looked forward to the gearing process.

    When you’re less ‘wealthy’ and don’t have much except what you have on your character, losing all of that hits way harder.