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    Some upper-level pvm challenge would be nice. I don’t think lv5/6 maps would fit the bill very well because they are too common. What I have in mind would have to be initiated in some other way. But I still agree tmaps could use some improvements to be worthwhile. I personally think high tome/scroll rate would be a good way to go.

    The risk is always that if one source of loot is better than everything else, it will be 100% focused on by the players. World bosses kinda had this position before the loot level for all types of bosses were equalized a few weeks back, which I think was a good change. If lv6 maps are better than all mobs, the grind will turn into looking for tmaps and then spaming them. This is not necessarily a very bad thing, especially as you will have to clear other content to get these maps, but it’s an effect to keep in mind.