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      Since the hunt grind feels a little stagnant with redundancy these days, maybe a way to improve the hunting experience would be to make the lvl 5-6 T-Maps actually worth a damn. Would encourage more world play, and for people to spend more time in dungeons, rather than just running straight to bosses and skipping over virtually everything else.

      If not increasing the loot quality and quantity (which I feel would be best) then maybe adding some things to the loot that are significant. Tomes, Trans Scrolls, RND and other gems, high quantities of resources like arrows, pots and fish. Something to encourage actually doing all those maps that bosses love to drop.

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        Some upper-level pvm challenge would be nice. I don’t think lv5/6 maps would fit the bill very well because they are too common. What I have in mind would have to be initiated in some other way. But I still agree tmaps could use some improvements to be worthwhile. I personally think high tome/scroll rate would be a good way to go.

        The risk is always that if one source of loot is better than everything else, it will be 100% focused on by the players. World bosses kinda had this position before the loot level for all types of bosses were equalized a few weeks back, which I think was a good change. If lv6 maps are better than all mobs, the grind will turn into looking for tmaps and then spaming them. This is not necessarily a very bad thing, especially as you will have to clear other content to get these maps, but it’s an effect to keep in mind.

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