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    Hey dead

    I apologize if I came across as being short tempered in my previous posts. I’m just frustrated with the diminishing player base.
    We’re down to the high 20’s from the low 50’s.
    And it’s not a case of there not being new players, cause I see new players almost daily, its a case of them not sticking around.
    I was quick to blame PVP’ing for being the primary problem, but now I believe they’re just partly the problem.

    Issue might lie with the fact that there’s no natural progression. There’s not much for new players to do apart from just macroing. Macroing/sparring is a big part of the game, but expecting everyone to macro 24/7 for a few weeks until they’re strong enough to venture out of town is a bit rough.
    Maybe a newbie dungeon/zone might help.

    I don’t care much for PP’s, as in, them being a class doesn’t bother me. The more options the better I say. The thing that holds PP’s back is how long it takes them to class and that they’ll never be as strong as a C4 or C5 of any other class.

    I’ve got a high level ranger I’m playing on.