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    Hello, i’ve read this post a few times but didnt bother untill now to comment. I see that you haven’t been playing zuluhotel, not much atleast i would assume. Pvp itself isnt broken. Sure pp could possibly be tuned up a bit but apart from that ranger is weaker here then how they usually are. Not the damage itself but since we are unable to cast any high circle spells with magery.

    Zuluhotel has and will always be item based. I dont know what or who killed you but dont expect to be able to compete with someone with twice as much stats as you. As much as you can argue the fact that ranger is luck based, thats not really entirely true is it? if that was the case every ranger would be able to compete among each other. Trust me when i tell you, that is not at all how it is.

    How i see it, the problem is the players, most people don’t play the game, they sit here and whine about things that could be different. In some cases these posts are related, but very rarely.

    I’m not argueing the fact that this shard has flaws because it does, especially when it comes to loot levels and bosses. But for the major part its the players.

    What makes uo fun, or rather zuluhotel playstyle is the fact that it is item based, and when being killed or while killing someone, you can loose everything. That is what makes me want to play zuluhotel, there is no other game that can offer me the thrill of hunting players and having messy pvp fights against other groups.

    If you wanna kill monsters safely id suggest you play runuo or even wow seeing as they provide just that. Dont try to change a game into something it isnt 🙂