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    Problem before was that these higher bosses had both higher quantity AND higher quality of items dropped. Which made every lesser boss seem like a waste of time. When the loot was tuned to match their level for all bosses suddenly the harder ones just drop the same stuff as everything else, world bosses having the same quantity across the board while regular bosses drop fewer items but everything is of the same quality.

    Would make sense to let the bosses that have much higher stats drop more loot, while leaving the quality as it is. If blue slaad dropped as many items as 2 weaker world bosses it would make sense to kill them. Same goes for nemesis and their kin.

    Having some encounters be more difficult and enforcing group play is not a bad thing. Not adjusting the potential reward accordingly makes it kinda pointless though.

    I might have the wrong idea about the current state of the loot for Slaad and nemesis though, might already be this way. Last time I checked it was not.