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    Could you do a timed clearance? Maybe a stone to start it with a world announcement and some spawns appearing and respawning disabled. Once you clear it in time you get some sort of reward like npc’s spawning and an option to only respond to a specific guild or everyone for a set time depending on how fast you cleared it. If you don’t clear it in time you get nothing.

    Maybe it could be an item you get once you activate the event that changes once you’ve cleared with a name change for the time. Then if you get killed by someone they can take over.

    Just stick some random bosses spawning and pitch it as “evil forces are rallying to counter the attack on [town]”

    In summary:
    – Player activated event.
    – Timed clearance of a town.
    – Success and you get the town for a day and a token keepsake.
    – Fail and you get some loot from the stuff you killed and back to normal.