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      Starting off with loving the shard.

      However i would love to see some more content.

      The story is that Britania has been taken along with most major cities.

      Now i would love to see some content around this where we attempt to take back the cities.

      Maybe start out with something small like Cove and then move forward to the major Cities. At the end maybe even locking up T2A? (This could be like planned over a 6 months? maybe even 1 year) Aslong as something is comming up that we will be looking forward to.

      Some custom spawning and custom made boss monsters would make it sick and maybe even a timer to kill some boss or to find some item that has some sort of effect on the cities.
      (The effect dosent have to be real just some light story mode stuff)

      We the players would love to see this even though “events cant run the shard” it sure will give us something diffrent to do and keep us motivated.

      Would love to get some feedback here from evryone. Hopefully we can get the attention of the devs and make them understand what we want!

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        I agree with you word for word buddy! I thought that was the entire purpose of the current story. we could do for example 1 town every month or every 2 months ending with a final assault on brittain and expelling the evil fiends to T2A.

        It would also help a lot if the staff is more active and visible. Both ingame and on the forum. it will go long ways in keeping us motivated since very often it feels to me that this shard is dead while I really feel enthousiastic about playing.

        Lastly I want to add (and maybe it is already like this) that I really want high level treasure maps to be worth the time and effort.

        Magilou Nolurun
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          It would be great to have an event of this kind. I realize it’s probably a lot of work for staff but it would be awesome having all players coming together on something like this.


              Glad your loving the shard. The reason why we set up those monster towns was to reduce the vendor amount and increase the monster amount that is outside of dungeons. But I understand that liberating the towns will be satisfying.

              The reason you don’t see any staff is because the team consists of Dreams, Hybrid and myself. There is no in-game staff currently. This was decided because in-game staff on ZH shards tends to go inactive after a few weeks or do other naughty things that ruin it for everyone else.

              I will see if the event can be automated.

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                In all fare ness, i dont care if you add Vendors at all. Just want some fun events. And this would fit the story of the shard fairly well.

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                  Could you do a timed clearance? Maybe a stone to start it with a world announcement and some spawns appearing and respawning disabled. Once you clear it in time you get some sort of reward like npc’s spawning and an option to only respond to a specific guild or everyone for a set time depending on how fast you cleared it. If you don’t clear it in time you get nothing.

                  Maybe it could be an item you get once you activate the event that changes once you’ve cleared with a name change for the time. Then if you get killed by someone they can take over.

                  Just stick some random bosses spawning and pitch it as “evil forces are rallying to counter the attack on [town]”

                  In summary:
                  – Player activated event.
                  – Timed clearance of a town.
                  – Success and you get the town for a day and a token keepsake.
                  – Fail and you get some loot from the stuff you killed and back to normal.

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                    That’s an a neat idea— with rewards at different clearance times. Perhaps a truly difficult time where you’d need like 8-10 folks to actually “liberate” certain areas like cove.

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