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    I would beg for mages to be looked at also, they’ve really been given a hard time here IMO, and I come from a background of always playing a mage as a main.

    Spell reflect on mobs is always up, what a damn pain – every time you exit\enter fov mob will put it back up requiring counter each time.

    Teleporting mobs, highly unfair to mages, as with hiding archers – instant killing of the player is not challenging its just murder. Even when wearing level 6 physical you are dead of that mob Rel Pors. No bosses (yet) seem to dispel either, where lower mobs do (flayer, deathmag etc) so warriors\rangers never have to worry, but a mage just gets teleported onto, end of story so long byebye. Its just unfair.

    The base spell book has been made weaker whereby, Flamestrike can no longer hurt Blackwisps as one example. But a weapon which casts flamestrike will affect the Wisp as it use to be. – This makes it even more a Requirement to have other books, which are just too rare that combined with everything else you can just as well shelve the mage.

    Any summoned mobs are immediately dispelled on contact vs anything worth killing. Just makes it unusable.

    Spell damage could use a good increase, we are very vulnerable and there should be balance.

    Sorry, its been hard :p