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    Gem-style logs — some fancy new logs that have drop rates like ebon and the like. Give them a neat prot or cast on hit chance (like cure, holy bolt) for crafted shields.

    New GM gear – it’d be cool to see some new weapons, it would encourage more people to hunt. Something that could affect the builds people make, like say a weapon that perma poisons you while equipped, but hits hard and casts wyvern strike. Or some two handed weapon that knocks back and casts a piercing decaying ray.

    Limited Smeltable GM Armor — I love gm armor, it’s a staple of the Zulu brand. I’m thinking it should be smeltable, only craftable back to the armor pieces that are available, so like you could only make plate darkness and not ringmail darkness coif or some shit. Shields should not be included as craftable. Exceptionals though? Hell yeah!

    Guild Titles fix – I think these are broken, I can’t name my guild mate “i’m Gay” and would love if it could be fixed.

    Summon Holy Spirit holy book spell fix – is it supposed to just stand there and vanish upon issuing a command? I feel like there’s more to it?