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    So… Not sure how anyone else feels but I am appreciative of all the time that has been put into creating, hosting and maintaining this UO shard. Always discovering new features that I wasn’t aware of. Recently found out from another player that a mage NPC will identify a whole bag of items! Who knew!! For a small amount of gold pieces one can avoid the tedious task of IDing items one at a time. Amazing!
    Also want to say that although I have been given some great stuff from other players, there is something very exciting about finding a special item in the loot for yourself! My finds may not be impressive to many but were thrilling for me! Hunting is exciting, my heart races and my hands shake. Fun fun 😊! I recently found a Lance of Lothian, Anubis Mace, Dekeron’s Thunder Bow, Katana of Kieri, Darkness breast plate to list a few. Determined to find a Nagash Staff and a Sages robe. Every time I get a gnarled staff or a robe in the loot I feel a rush of adrenaline! So far haven’t been lucky enough but I know that sooner or later I WILL! It’s like scratching a lottery ticket… Most times it’s a disappointment but there’s always the chance of winning! Can’t wait to see one in the loot bag! When I do I will be doing the Happy Dance and crowing like a maniac! Just picture it! Crazy old woman in a house coat and slippers jumping around the living room! LMAO 😂!