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    I think the idea of power hour is to spike activity to increase chance of player interaction. If that’s the case a personal usable item wouldn’t have the desired effect.

    Double profit from hunting during this one hour window most likely isn’t the end of the world if you miss.

    Dunno about half resource costs though. If that affects gems and zulu it may be a tad bit too good to ever consider passing up. Imagine sitting on gems and waiting for crafting power hour for weeks on weeks and just seeing the much more “useless” skill gain power hour every time (it is bound to happen! 😉 )

    Good to see some activity again anyway. Sounds like some exciting changes that might breathe some extra life into the shard and the player base this second time around 🙂

    Also I’m curious how the fact that power tomes and pots cap at 150 as well as the new “very rare” legendary items do will pan out in the long run. Maybe they will complement each other nicely. And maybe it is nice that the super rare items may not be the ultimate best in slot items as well 🙂

    Excited about the idea of leveling the playing field a bit, and the ambition that veterans shouldn’t be impossibly strong compared to newer players. I personally also find the plans of making the good loot more common a good idea. As having to spend days of hunting to find a decent item together with a full-loot free-pvp world is an equation that mostly just works if you have near infinite amount of time to put into playing 😀