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    Nice to think that if you’re murdered and looted it’s not game over. Those favorite items can be replaced. Lots of players have thrown in the towel and stopped playing because they lost their one and only set of decent gear that took them months of hunting to collect.
    Without any statues to create a safe mining area, crafter is going to be that much more vulnerable. I wish there was something or someway to protect/defend themselves against being “harvested” for resources. Even if you are present there is no way to defend themselves against attacks. Running and recalling usually isn’t an option. Can’t recall until the loop is finished and by then you’re a ghost. Defensive spell casting clothing is also ineffective as there is only a small chance that they will cast a defensive spell. Most likely not harm the attacker even if the clothing does work.
    Personally find that being a helpless lamb among a whole pack of wolves extremely annoying. Can’t fight, can’t run, can’t hide behind a wall. Pretty much screwed and at the mercy of the least skilled of the classes.
    Wish they would drop dead themselves if they attack a crafter. Then they would find out what it’s like. It’s simply unfair cuz everyone knows that a Crafter is easy picking.