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    Thanks for answering. Client is still crashing when I try to login. I’m so upset and frustrated that I’m nearly in tears! Hate that I’m NOT tech savvy enough to know what to do to fix this. Thomas was great for spending so much time on the phone with me telling me what to do. Tried everything he could think of and he’s out of ideas and patience.
    Computer running Windows 7. Compatibility already set for Windows 7. Uninstalled and removed all UO files, deleted the files and folders EXCEPT for the download of Razor_latest and files from website. Reinstalled UO and shard files using the same files that I have saved on my desktop. Those files have been there for a year.
    Only thing I haven’t tried is to delete the original downloaded files and download them again from the website… Scared to do that incase I screw it up worse than it is. At this point I can’t log in anyway.