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    Thank you for this dungeon. I just ventured in there with my mage

    My mage has around 90 mace fighting also(been sparring for a bit to increase str).

    1. For some reason your char goes out of war mode automatically and stop attacking the crits.
    2. This is most definitely not a place for mages as a newbie will never have the spells, nor the regeants nor the funds for regeants to hunt or play here.
    3. I’ve cleared the dungeon and made around 300 gold total with no relevant items to use at all (perhaps re-look this part a bit).
    4. For a newbie dungeon, the vendors are normal price – ie high chance of newbies not affording much or anything in there
    5. Perhaps create ranked areas? IE, the better you get the better the crits get with better rewards (armour, items) – Perhaps even a started gm set that can be gained there?

    All-in-all it’s a good starting place. Perhaps just needs some tweaks.

    As much as we know about the donation chest in Occlo, newbies would not know about this to perhaps get some nice starting items.

    Also, if they do pick an item up there that’s cursed… there is no way you’ll afford uncursing it – perhaps have a newbie mage in the dungeon that uncurses for free?