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    Pretty good ideas. I’m always bummed to see a skill that doesn’t provide any real advantages too.

    Wrestling – That all sounds pretty cool. One thing I would add is maybe a chance to dismount/disarm opponet. Since your hands are free, you’d logistically be able to grab their wrists to disarm or their body to pull and dismount them.

    Anatomy – Would be nice if this provided the same perk as Eval Int, giving the protections of bosses at 135/150.

    Lockpicking – Would be cool if there were random chests in the dungeons and across the world map that were 160 difficulty, and set with traps, but loaded with world-boss drops. Would give Remove Trap a new purpose too.

    Spirit Speak – Can’t think of any way to re-purpose this, just pointing out that it’s useless. Lol