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    Oh wow… pvp you say? I was referring to fighting creatures.
    But, since you brought it up… Every single time that I’ve been pk’ed, i’ve been one shot killed. So healing a little faster being a ranger will not change that even the slighted.

    I’m referring to other classes not needing other classes for their skills – ie, rangers use fish to cure, heal, bless, yet the bless isn’t even remotely the same as mages(nor would I expect it to be), and now I need to use alchemy potions to heal up and add magery onto my ranger for the same? That’s just silly in my opinion.

    I’m a level 3 going level 4 ranger with 135 fishing, 130 lore, 130 cooking, 130 tracking, 130 camping… fishing alone being that high together with cooking should give me something decent…yet it doesn’t. Cooking and camping is an absolute waste to be honest, why not combine those 2 for instance to calculate the actual use of the magic fish?

    By the way, I completely agree that the classes are unbalanced, but in this specific post, I’m referring to bug/suggestions for this specific class.