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    It’s not the case (nor was it was Loki was suggesting) that a higher level mage buffs for less (though on occasion, or with a weird profile, they can do, and there’s always variability in most buffs).

    The amount buffed depends mainly on magic efficiency (only in small part on magery), while the duration is affected mainly by magery. Most armor decreases magic efficiency, while certain certain pieces of gear can increase it. The reason mage buffs are so good is that spec mages have an inherent bonus to magic efficiency. So, the appearance of “smaller buffs with higher magery on a PP” is probably a result of the PP having heavier armor, resulting in a bigger penalty to magic efficiency.

    Going on a rant about PPs having shit magery lol omg without considering this shows a lack of understanding of game mechanics and thus poor understanding of what a powerplayer is and how it should be played. Thus, deathstar can be dismissed for not know what he’s talking about.