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    Okay so you guys say I have no idea about a pp… and say I make no sense??? I asked why when I first started a pp with 90 Margery 90 archery my boost was better and curse was… why when I started to macro and add total points from macroing other skills and capped Margery it was worst??? I don’t test my pp with armor that effects my majic Efficiency.. you guys make it sound like I’m in full ore armor cursing and blessing.. how do I not know how to play a pp!!! When I’m asking why boost curse got worst it’s a simple question not a lot goes into Margery but eval int helps no??? I understand sages etc lol…. I’m not sure if Lich armor gives better boost etc like other Zulu hotels.. it’s not fucking rocket science… just what I noticed and I’m not trying to be a ranger or warrior as a pp and pp it’s obvious I will lose but my set up is to test my pp as both classes and ranger and warrior just to see damage I do and get delt I’m not going to run out with my warrior or ranger suit and go look for pvp lmao I simply test out of curiousty… I’m just asking a simple questions and you guys act like you have and know all the big secrets of a pp I’m simply asking why is my fucking boost worst from when I started a newb non class 90 Margery 90 archery… macro combats to 130… then I did archery.. then went to Margery once to 130 Margery it was fucking worst and average boost is plus 23-27 and my curse was -30… but when I was at 90 Margery 90 archery average boost was 27+ and curse was average 60-70… I am just curious that’s all!!! I only did this so much and noticed it because I would test a lot with my pp and warrior hitting one another with new items and such