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    What counts as “limitations” for the PP vs what counts as “bonuses” for classes though?

    Ressing can be seen as a bonus for the ranger. PPs can still tame.
    The ability to use Song books is a bonus for the bard. PPs can still use peace/prov.
    Making better potions is a bonus for mages. PPs can still make potions, but worse ones.
    Mining gems is a bonus for the crafter. PPs can still mine ores (if they are so inclined).

    Should PPs be able to boost as good as specialized mages? If not, surely that’s a limitation. Mine gems? If not, that’s a limitation. Track as good as rangers? If not, that’s a limitation in their tracking range? Etc. etc.

    “No limitations” seems to imply that PPs can do anything classed characters can do, which arguably renders specialized classes a little superfluous. I thought the benefit of PPs wasn’t to have no limitations (in the sense implied here, “can do anything other classes can do”) but versatility and counter skills (e.g. can use magery against warriors, can use melee against rangers, can use ranged against mages, etc).

    That being said, being able to ress animals doesn’t seem overpowered for PPs but as a general rule of “no limitations” I think it should be discussed.