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    Glad to see there is at least a conversation about it.

    Personally, my friends and I found our way of mining outside without being hassled, so I wasn’t really speaking on behalf of my own interests. My concern comes moreso from the way this particular sever is ran and played and any new people coming onto the scene– not so much about what the games initial intent was.

    That is to say that even though UO and its original dynamic for a crafter was go out look for something by way of adventure (which is certainly an admirable principal to base a game on), the problem is that ZHO is much, much different in practice than that original game ever was. The class, loot, and PvP system here offers a lot of varying benefits and penalties that shift that dynamic completely.

    PvP grants success here. You can spend a huge hunk of your life running boss spawns, but if you aren’t PvPing and winning… then you are still losing. That atmosphere (although certainly containing its perks as far as playability) offers almost close to nothing for a crafter. You have to be reaaaally nostalgic to just sit and click a tool and then click the ground and derive any enjoyment out of that for hours.

    That being said, why not make it easier to carelessly macro a crafter so that you can put your love and attention into a character that is actually participating? If the fear is that gems will become too easy to get, then just make their rate of harvest a little bit slower, but as my original message still stands, a bunch of useless pre-marked death zone mines aren’t doing anybody any good, and it only makes a really cool class on this shard less interesting to play.