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    I think this would be better described as useless skills. Alot of characters have useless skills. Rangers are still very Proficient. However. Non Aggressive health regen with camping would be nice. Useless in combat but away from the fighting just drop a fire to heal up. Cooking, With the way gold is done cooking is practically useless however i dont think that cooking should be changes so much as to add in all these new recipes. I think faster looping above a certain skill point would be nice or even just be able to go above ten fish at a time. 20/30/50 This way the gold that sell for 1gp would now be able to be cooked faster. Less time cooking your 100s of 1000s uncooked fish thats completely useless. Also Salmon and sushi are kinda of useless. You can cook regular fish fast enough to not really get any use out of the bonus of making that. I think tactically the rangers are pretty good. They just have no use for their non combat uses. You could argue the same for warriors but warriors can use so much more gear. You dont have to scour the earth for a bow. spear bardi pitchfork whatever lands in your hands you can successfully pummel everything with it and with the use of prots magic weakness is null and void. Shields and armor work well. Spears for them pesky runners. Now if rangers could shoot on the go id say their isnt any real reason to be a warrior. This would be super op though. So in turn some better support skills would be nice. And i dont mean combat support i mean resource support. and also with warriors. they cost practically nothing to build. rangers cost alot in just arrows and the fish they can create doesnt support them to even train archery without long lulls. or other people/characters to support them. In the end i guess im saying is fighting and survival ability is fine but useless for any kind of trade.