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    As someone who’s played a mage and ranger everyday since the relaunch, here’s my 2c w.r.t. the suggestions in this thread…I may not have 30 ppl in my guild to have every item known to man but im active as much as the next guy (for whatever the fck that should be worth)

    Moffe: Here are some suggestions, coming from one of the few playing mage out in the field on this server.

    Raziel: seen this character 6 times in 3 months…everyone is grinding, bitching or not (ironic I know)

    Moffe: If other classes get to have combat skills for free, mages should atleast be able to use staffs to defend themselves.

    Raz: no class should have free skills; play a pp if u want other skills

    Moffe: Magic damage on monsters must be increased. It sucks so bad that you cant even kill a skeleton on 1 mindblast as a lvl 5 mage with +20 magic effiency.

    Raz: circle 6, normal spell book…try something else, I cant 1 shot a skele with a power bow either…everyone runs by this shit regardless

    Moffe: To kill a celestial dragon you need about 6-7 energy bolts, which you could always kill with 1 or 2 before. Most orange bosses cant even be hurt by magic.

    Raz…again, try other spells, celestial drag should be harder considering how rare it is (they don’t exit outside champ spanws afik)…normal spells are just that, normal spells

    Moffw: Being able to meditate while running (yeah I know I’ve brought it up before and its supposedly been fixed) Right now it works like 50% of the time at best.

    Raz… If a tick doesn’t work while running it should (pretty sure it does), otherwise use pots like the rest of us

    Moffe: Many spells are not working like they should or dont work at all (Shapeshift,Polymorph,Liche, Sacrifice, Necro freeze, Darkness, Earth portal, Telekinesis, Incognito, Summon creature, Summon Mammals, Animate dead, Spellblind, Summon Spirit, Control Undead)

    Raz….Implement the various shapeshifting spells when they stop crashing clients……paralyze spells should be prot dependent instead of free action for all…..the other spells have always been useless and/or for griefing

    MOffe: Maybe make Spirit Speak a better useful skill somehow?

    Raz…can see ded ppl talk, seems useful to me/has been to decide whether or not to res someone

    Moffe: Nerf protections a little bit. Maybe remove lvl 5-6 from elemental/necro prots. And make it so you can actually be paralyzed by spells if you dont have the proper prots (lvl 4 necro/holy minimum).

    Raz…agree with the paralyze comments. If mages can override lvl4 + prots Id make books regular items (ie: e/h/n books not blessed)

    MOffe: Being able to reveal thiefs if you stand on the same tile atleast.

    Raz…Theif hiding should have no protection against reveal spell (unless they have BR/MS/MR)

    Thatoneguy: My biggest concern has always been that mages are just all glass and no cannon.

    Raz: mages risk nothing, if u want to 1 shot ppl (which they already can) u need to risk more. ive collected plenty of gear risking nothing but 60 reags/ a few ebook scrolls…

    thatoneguy: Completely agree that the damage needs to be increased for spells, especially ones beyond the regular spell book that require pagans and heaps of mana.

    Raz…exaggeration, I have more pagans than I know what to do with (even though id love to see the quantities of drops increased for alchemy)

    thatoneguuy: A ranger has tracking to gain information, a thief has stealth. Evaluating Int. is good for PvM, but it would be nice if Eval Int. also gave protection information for player characters. Bumping elbows in town and sizing someone up for what they are wearing doesn’t seem too improbable, plus if you actually take the time in a moments-notice-pvp scenario to use Eval Int on your enemy and do it successfully enough to not die and use the information, i’d say you deserve it.

    Raz…like the idea of evaling the prots a char is wearing but beyond that it makes no sense to give anyone an advantage by observing them in town

    while im ranting, other stuff outside this thread:::::::

    Raz: 50 fishcakes a loop…unbalanced gold farming…

    Tipsy: shard will be closed in a month

    Raz: tired of seeing it man, u never play anyways (seen once when an alt was ghosting/jailed for it), quit being so negative. not everyone plays for what ur playing fir

    Russia: love the competition but stop abusing game mechanics. Using items to block crafters into going out of town is obv…explicit rule or not its evidenced by the fact u cant drop shit in dungeons

    Champ spawns: should respawn more frequently or have more of them

    Brazi Dazzles: Loved fighting them, haven’t seen a modern day shrard survive where they played (ie cheats/DDDOS when jailed for cheating)