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    A good mage do not only carry reagents in the same manner that a good warrior do not only carry a spear or a ranger with bow and arrows. Sure you can do some damage with any of them but chances for survival is pretty slim.
    I think a solution for mage class is either nerf prots a bit (have been tested and various servers before). Something like this:
    Lvl 6 prot 90% instead of 150% (lvl6 necro should also include necro paralyze)
    Lvl 5 prot 75%
    Lvl 4 prot 60%
    Lvl 3 prot 45%
    Lvl 2 prot 30%
    Lvl 1 prot 15%

    Or let mages pierce through prots in line with their spec lvls.

    Sometimes we need to stop improving/making things stronger and more op to even things out which ultimately makes the game more and more hysterical. Sometimes it is better to tune the mechanics in the opposite direction as well.