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    As far as the class being neglected, it seems to me that the sandbox-esque aspect of this game is what has kept it alive all these years. There is so much to do, and many different ways to do them. Zulu shards always seem to get so caught up in the pvp hunt-grind part of the game that they often overlook the benefits this game has to offer as far as creativity and recreation. Crafters should be able to craft decorations that people actually want, and sell/trade them. Make the resources for doing this super complicated and maybe even really rare so that its an actual accomplishment. Such as, a “glass table” requires like 10 RND, 500 glass, 50 logs. That way you don’t have an over abundance of next tier decor, but also have the ability to use the resources in that direction if you so wish.

    Crafters should also be able to earn access to hues with tailoring. Maybe they have a chance to mine up a “Sewing Kit of Vibrance” or something that allows them to color an item once. Make it super rare to find… like once every 50 hours of macroing mining or something, and maybe all hues are possible so the chance of getting a really awesome color is even rarer.

    In every game I’ve ever played, the ability to manipulate the aesthetics and alter your own avatar was always met with enthusiasm. There is a lot of different ways a crafter can be a vessel to alter and shape the way the shard looks. It would be a fun outlet for a lot of people. I know its easy to say “This shard isn’t about crafters, its about pvp and hunting” and just rule these people out like if you dont like it then move and get out of my country, but the truth is that the shard should keep its player base, so throw them a bone damn it.

    Crafter Lives Matter