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    Loki your post is complete bullshit…
    Only class that needs work and should be better is a pp!!! They loose to all classes easy or else your dressed like god

    And thief’s need to be turned down it’s a must they are to opt!! Thief can kill all classes easy… vs a warrior with sages boost and staff boost 300 plus stats I lose to a thief easy after even chugging a tamala and not to mention it was spear vs spear and thief won.. psn damage is way to opt and needs to be turned down… and as for hunting I don’t understand why your saying let thief do more damage lmao if thief’s become any stronger I’m leaving this one sided shard… thief’s are way to strong… my lvl 5 warrior with 300 plus stats no matter what wepon I use only does 1-3 damage a bit to a monster…. turn up pps so they are useful turn down thief’s they are way to opt way to many advantages can’t be revealed can use free extra skills and no poison protect against them… fuck them they are way to opt… pps take time to build and gear up!!! Make pps better there the only class that takes real work…. and don’t change mages because your guildmate mofce proves mages can own!!! And don’t bring Blackrock up because your guild recently got owned in arena because the use of Blackrock… fuck Loki suggestions dude your guild already are gods man… stop trying to opt ideas to fit all your characters you created!!!! Up pps and lower thief’s only problem I see thief’s beat all classes