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    Mages are not fine, too weak. Must have been downtuned through all these zulu clones because they are not what they used to be.

    Warriors are not fine, way to overpowered (speaking as a warrior). Maybe not because of the damage they deal but the way they can use gem armors and silver hides which grants them too many free slots to use for lvl4+ prots.

    Thiefs might need a tweak as well, though I’m not to familiar with this class. Poison stacking on weapons needs a limit though. As we speak you can basically add a “Poisoned” prefix to any weapon you like (+10k charges).
    Maybe poisoning should weaken the quality on which weapon it’s aplied too as well.

    PP is the hardest (and most fun) class to play and giving a pp a boost will certainly make it instantly over powered. If you know how to play pp then it is fine.

    Magery should not be restricted (circles) but if said class has a physical damage bonus they should also get a decrease in magic efficiency.

    I agree as mentioned above that blackrock should be as rare as a sage robe as it is the item that most dramatically changes the pvp on zh and way that you get your pants pulled down in a fight (and yes, I do own, and use blackrock weapons).

    Buffs definetly needs to be decreased, even though a 106+106 buff is really nice and convenient. I doubt this is the way the game is supposed to be played.

    Prots need be weaker as well (as I’ve mentioned in another topic). Lvl6 prots is as common as lvl3 prots used to be and defeats the purpose of mages and pp’s if all spells (except mb) heals your opponent.

    Moonstone/blackrock prot drops needs to be lowered or disappear completly as they are too common and powerfull as well. Needs to be as rare as a sages.